About Minnesota's ASCs

Ambulatory Surgery Centers—known as ASCs—are modern health care facilities focused on providing same-day surgical care, including diagnostic and preventive procedures. ASCs have transformed the outpatient experience by providing a more convenient alternative to hospital-based outpatient procedures. Moreover, they have done so with a strong track record of quality care and positive patient outcomes.

Our centers provide a variety of services from gastroenterology, orthopedics, and pain management to plastic surgery and life-changing vision procedures. Common procedures include: knee arthroscopy, cataract removal, carpal tunnel release, colonoscopy, pain management injections, ACL reconstruction, hernia repair, implant removal, and shoulder arthroscopy.

Minnesota currently has 80 Medicare-certified ASCs. These ASCs provide Medicare beneficiaries with essential surgical services, including procedures such as cataract surgeries, colonoscopies, endoscopies, and orthopedic procedures. Studies show that ASCs save Medicare money both in our state and across the nation.